Reward and get rewarded for awesome art and content on the web.

The CoinAwesome wallet allows you to send coin tips to all your favourite websites in a super simple way. No integration required.

For you this means less ads, better art and content and better recommendations.

Simply Awesome. CoinAwesome

Read here the introductory blog post or the more technical and advanced blog post about the Awesome Internet Project.


CoinAwesome achieves transparency through it's blockchain. All interactions are saved on it and can be used by third parties who want to work with its data.


The decentralized organization behind CoinAwesome is always open for new members who want to help how the monetization on the web works.

Open Source

Open Source is more than a philosophy. It is the proven way to go to ensure borderless collaboration of developers and instantly be able to react on changing requirements.

Crypto Secure

Mathematically proven algorithms secure a global network of nodes who store the blockchain and exchange information to ensure a 100% uptime even in difficult times.

CoinAwesome is a blockchain-based currency and platform for a more decentralized future. Free yourself from centralized services where you become the product.

Like Different. - Be Awesome.

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Who is it for?

CoinAwesome is for everybody who creates or enjoys digital art and quality content and who supports direct monetization of it, instead of ads and surveilance.


With CoinAwesome every webpage receives its own CoinAwesome address so it can collect 1-click tips. All you need is the browser wallet extension and some coins (AWE).

Really every website?

Really! You can tip every website even those who have never heard about CoinAwesome. The CoinAwesome Trust generates a temporary address for every website on the Internet.

How can the artist or content creator claim their coins?

All they need to do is to embed a CoinAwesome address or the awesome-button into their website.

What happens after a tip?

All tips are public and get aggregated at the reference open-source content aggregator CoinAwesome Tips, ready to be discussed. Everybody is invited to start their own community (meaning their own version of CoinAwesome Tips) on their servers.


Centralized 'free' proprietary services are bad for you and your friends. You and your data become a product, which gets sold to corporations. Governments spy on you. And you can get excluded for any reason. Your online identity does not really belong to you and can get taken away from you. Easy and powerful cryptography can change the way you interact on the web for the better. Now, with CoinAwesome, you can share art and content and reward creators in a direct, decentralized and censorship-free way, almost completely without fees,

We build the tools for a better future. You have have the choice. Be awesome.


Say yes to choice!

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The CoinAwesome platform is built upon open source components. All are designed to work seamlessly together and make receiving and rewarding one-click donations incredibly easy.

Technologically CoinAwesome is a censorship-free, time-stamped, cryptographically-secure, decentralized and pseudonymous identity, transaction and reputation system based on nested blockchain technology with a fully featured Bitcoin-like digital currency and hierarchical-deterministic tipping-addresses for every website. It comes with a button, in-browser wallet and JSON-API. All Open-Source.

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CoinAwesome is a coin build on top of Bitcoin using its new "blockchain-nesting"-technology.

CoinAwesome's blockchain is a nested blockchain inside the Bitcoin blockchain. Technically this simply means that the CoinAwesome blockchain nodes are required to insert the blockhash into the Bitcoin blockchain similar to Factom (but in a decentralized way).

Why a new coin and not directly Bitcoin?

  1. Whenever you 'awesome' a page, additional data (the URL) needs to be embeded into the CoinAwesome blockchain. While this is theoretically possible to achieve directly with Bitcoin, the Bitcoin-core-devs do see this as a miss-use of it (more than 40 or 80 bytes).
  2. The current Bitcoin network charges 0.00001 BTC (~ 0.3 cents) per transaction and is thus not suitable for microdonations, which can be below one cent.
  3. CoinAwesome uses environmental friendly Proof-of-Stake to secure its blockchain. Proof-of-Work like in Bitcoin is not used directly.
  4. Bitcoin alone with its current technical configuration does not scale and is at its limit. Blockchain-nesting helps to have less bitcoin-blockchain-bloat.
  5. While Bitcoin encourages users to generate a new address for every transaction, CoinAwesome requires their users to build reputation through re-using their address, which is also their identity, to which their reputation is linked.

Bitcoin Tipping with WeTipCoins (Part of the Awesome Internet Project)

For those who prefer to tip with bitcoins instead of CoinAwesome, we launched WeTipCoins wallet works almost exactly the same like the CoinAwesome wallet, but without the benefit of having your tipping history on-chain. Read here the introductory blog post or the more technical and advanced blog post about the Awesome Internet Project.

Did you know that even Satoshi (creator of Bitcoin) suggested using many blockchains for different use-cases?

CoinAwesome is for everybody who creates or enjoys digital art and content.

Not just for the crazy ones

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CoinAwesome Foundation

The aim of the foundation is to ensure that the initial distribution of the CoinAwesome tokens (AWE or ₳) happens in a transparent and fair way.

Equally important is the support of the development of the platform. Therefore an open bounty system is set up.

Free Giveaways

CoinAwesome AWE tokens will be distributed for free at the beginning to encourage adoption. This way, early adopters get easy access to some free coins without the hassle of registering at an exchange platform and transfers other tokens of value to it.

Get Your Free CoinAwesome

CoinAwesome for Education Program

3% of all CoinAwesome or their proceeds are reserved for the 'CoinAwesome for Education' program. The goal of the program is to teach students basics in cryptography, decentralized systems and create awareness of their potential social and political implications.

Therefore free coins will be given to students and a special content aggregator with an educational theme will be set up. Also events will be organized.

Open Bounty System

The open bounty system will let people (1) suggest features or projects, (2) collaboratively fund them with AWE or BTC and (3) let them work together in order to achieve their goals.

Transparent & Fair Distribution

The distribution of all AWE currency tokens will be documented in a transpartent and fair way.


The community is the foundation's biggest asset. Therefore, it will organize meetups and conferences all arround the world to bring those people together who believe in change.


Initially the foundation will develop and operate the decentralized Trust, which keeps all donations at temporary addresses until claimed.

Join Us

If you have questions or want to become part of the community!